Friday, October 17, 2008

Description of Blogs

I have numerous blogs: GEOARCHAEOLOGY is for the purpose of release and discussion of scientific research in the combined disciplines of geology and archaeology, and hydrogeology: Matters pertinent to other geologists, archaeologists, hydrogeologists, and scientists of cognate disciplines are found there. Matters related to other areas of interest are contained in three blogs identified in the sidebar; their URLs are given there. My novels are located at the following sites: Michael Hobby's GROUNDWATER is located at the blog URL posted at the bottom of the sidebar in GEOARCHAEOLOGY. Likewise, the URL for the novel, JIHAD (this site) is also shown there. If you like Chapter One through . . . shown here, you may purchase the entire novel. That capability will be added to this site soon. The same applies to Michael Hobby's GROUNDWATER.

[NOTE: but I write for the real world].

I am still in the research and planning phase of my next fiction project following JIHAD, a science fiction novel with the working title of BACKUP FIVE.

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